Foreign Journalist pinamukha kay Maria Ressa ang katotohanan sa mga Surveys "Most Filipinos liked the drug war!"

Sa panayam ni ni BBC Hardtalk host Stephen Sackur kay Rappler CEO Maria Ressa, ipinamukha ng banyagang mamamahayag kay Ressa ang sentimiyento ng karamihan sa mga Pilipino patungkol sa anti-drug campaign ni Pangulong Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

"A different idea about fear. Maybe for you, lets be honest, a relatively elite personality, living in a nice part of Manila, with perhaps more security than most Filipinos, it is easy for you to focus on the threats to freedom which you feel and the fear you talked about. What about the other Filipinos who's fear is much more street level and insecurity. Your Rappler website has made a point of investigating drug war that Duterte has initiated 4 years. But the drug war according to most Filipinos has made their street safer.. They looked at the fact that thousand of drug dealers are taken off the street and they (Filipinos) like that," banat ni Sackur.


  1. This person Rissa is a great LIAR.
    I live here in Manila Philippines.
    I agree with the Pres.DU30 for the Anti drug war.
    a lot of drug addict here and drug pusher also. They are selling like Candy in the street.When Pres DU30 become a Pres in our country. We are safe now. Because we can walk at night without Fear.and a lot of police in the street. So why this Rissa are Lying in the media? Who are you ? Youre not a Pilipino ?
    please mind your own business Rissa. Your a GREAT LIAR. Our Pres Here in our Country he is the Best Pres now after Pre Marcos.
    Please Rissa Your not a Filipino
    Mind your own Business.

  2. She has to pay for trying to destroy my country the Philippines. She is not a Filipino by heart nor by mind. She is in for the money. And I guess she wants us Filipinos to suffer under the oligarchs and trapos. I really hate this woman. How I wish that she be expelled from the Philippines.

  3. Ms.Ressa is still living in her ivory tower. Her mind is so polluted with hatred, defending journalism as absolute, without due regards to the efforts by Pres. Duterte's Government to clean our rotten society esp. from those whose power (abusive) and influences (unrighteous) are deeply embedded in the Philippine society. Filipinos are not stupid people to believe in this so called "manufactured consensus" exist, as claimed by Mr. Ressa, nor Pres. Duterte's Government has to use propaganda to convince the population. The Government has proven itself to the people, and Rappler and their supporters (likely mostly foreigners), who do not know the real sentiment of the majority Filipinos, have still been parroting series of lies. Democracy in the Philippines is very much alive. Of course, there is a need to curtail lies and biased reporting (through truthful reporting), even in the pretext of a legitimate media. Most information being fed to the UN by so called investigative journalists are also full of inaccuracies, and based on feeble sources. Duterte's Government does not need a single propaganda machine to convince that his Government is doing the right thing. Rappler's reporting has been confounding its readers. Rappler's biases make the regime of Pres. Duterte more convincingly popular. Ms. Ressa violated the laws of the land (Not Duterte's law). Her unstoppable quest for popularism, on pretext of journalism, has landed her into a quagmire, damaging the reputation even of a private person and now has to face a libel charge. Rappler's audience if but a small or tiny part of the Philippine society, and those who read and hear what Ms. Ressa has saying have been annoyed by her lies. She keeps on asserting that democracy is dead in the Philippines. On the contrary, those abusing the press freedom through lying and falsehood will face, not only the Government, but the ire of the people. Rappler has done too much damage in the Philippine society, and they seems to be proud of doing this. Further, there is no argument about so called majority votes in 2016. He was elected as the President, period. Integrity? Who is talking here? For all intent and purpose, there is no benefit from any reports coming from Rappler. As to Ms. Ressa's legal battles, who cares?


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