Kim Chiu sinapul sa mukha ang mga Kongresistang nanguna para ibasura ang ABS CBN Franchise "Inuna pa ang pagbasura Prankisa!"

Kim Chiu couldn’t hide her disappointment anymore to the lawmakers who voted against giving ABS-CBN a new franchise.

In an Instagram post, Chiu addressed the 70 lawmakers who opposed ABS-CBN, saying that she’s hoping that they decided “based on conscience, not pride; based on Facts, not ego; based on truth, honesty, and service; not vengeance,”

She also thanked the 11 lawmakers who voted in favor of the franchise of ABS-CBN.

According to her, the ABS-CBN executives who attended the 12-day franchise hearing of the House of Representatives showed composure despite being grilled many times by the lawmakers.

“Our AbsCbn leaders did everything they can. Proved them wrong, showed everything, gave EVERYTHING to protect its people. Stayed calm amidst being bullied,” Chiu said.

“Did 13 hearings na paikot ikot, ABSCBN proved that we have NO violations,” she added.

Chiu questioned why the lawmakers didn’t prioritize the pandemic, instead chose to focus on questioning ABS-CBN and pushing for the controversial anti-terror bill.

“In the middle of this pandemic. Pagpapasara ng Abscbn and pagpapatupad ng anti terror bill ang nangyayari. What is happening to our country?” she asked.

Chiu also added a video, showing the view of the millenium transmisster from the building

On Twitter, Chiu also asked the lawmakers about the purpose of the hearing on ABS-CBN franchise.

“Wala namang violations na nilabag, nangako naman na aayusin ang mali, para saan pa at nag HEARING??? Para saan yun? Para magpahiya? sorry for my words pero sobrang grabe lang po talaga ang nangyari,” Chiu said.

“We voted for our law makers into power hoping that they will act for the greater good. But, what happened today?… what happened to the 13 hearings? Abscbn proved na walang violations ang nagawa. Why are we experiencing this? Why now?. Why not help each other for the better?” she also said.

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