LOOK | Manila Bulletin writer ibinunyag na si Risa Hontiveros ang mastermind sa Philhealth "MANININGIL ANG KASAYSAYAN, DI BA, SENATOR?"

In a Facebook post, Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu taunted Senator Risa Hontiveros by borrowing the line she uttered when ABS-CBN's franchise was denied.


Ms. Chu remarked she found it odd for Philhealth to put out ads starring its Philhealth chairmen , but when Risa Hontiveros was going to run for senator, her ads was all over the place.

"Philhealth doesn’t need to put out TV ads starring its Philhealth chairmen—but when Risa Hontiveros was going to run for Senator, her ads was always running on TV, across multiple channels."

Ms. Chu found it irresistible to invite netizens to compute the cost of Risa Hontiveros, Philhealth ads back then when was going to run for senator.

"Back then the cost to run the ad was about P440,000 (no tax yet, just basic cost) per 30 seconds. (PER 30 seconds.) How many times did the PHILHEALTH ad. come out?"

Ms. Chu recalled former Senator Herrera issued a warning about Philhealth losing money for adverts during Hontiveros, imminent run for a senate slot in 2016.

"Former Senator Ernesto Herrera once warned that the public health fund was losing money for advertising during Risa’s imminent run for Senate in 2016, as Philhealth was spending for her information campaign. KAILANGAN NGA NAMAN, Risa ran and lost in 2013. (I think she also lost in 2010. She badly needed the Philhealth platform.)"

'One of the many ways the previous administration “legalized” its spending for elections using our own money,', Ms. Chu lamented.

Ms. Chu mentioned the name of another Senator who also had Philhealth ads. (Many years ago, Loren Legarda would also have PHILHEATH ads.)

Ms. Chu sneered at the thought of Philhealth running ads and having Risa Hontiveros as endorser at the time when she was running for the senate. That's why, Ms Chu can't help but conclude that the wokes like to allege that DUTERTE is a propagandist because they are guilty of using government funds.

"As if kailangan ni Philhealth mag ad, at kailangan si Risa Hontiveros pa talaga, during the times she was running for Senate. Kaya pala ang hilig nyo magparatang na propagandist si Duterte, kasi kayo mismo GOVERNMENT FUNDS ginagamit nyo."

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